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by lemoderntrinket Beautiful autumn in Germany and a beautiful day for some exploring! On our way to roam Beelitz-Heilstätten, an abandoned sanatorium that began construction in 1893 and opened in 1902 in Brandenburg, Germany. This place once was a treatment center for patients with tuberculosis, a Red Cross center for the sick, cancer center. Having patients like Hitler as a patient in 1916 and Erich Honecker at one time. It’s last occupants was the Russians, who took it over and was the largest Russian hospital outside Russia. There’s also been a serial killer and a crazy fetish photographer who have committed some horrible crimes here.
GOOGLE this place. It’s unreal.
It’s super scary and a wonderful place for photo shoots, urban exploring but with caution. We had to sneak in today and watch for guards. The roof top of the “air-bath” separate building was beautiful. Trees have now begun to grow on top of the roof and getting up there is sketchy and a bit dangerous!! This was a highlight of my European trip other than visiting the Bone Chapel in Kutná Hora… Thanks to my friend Mason for bringing me here and to @atlasobscura For their post that I read a while back and have booked marked this place.
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